Heleen Makkinga is an artist who lives and works in Leiden (the Netherlands). Her work is regularly on display in exhibitions in galleries and organizations. She also works commissioned for various companies, institutions and individuals. She is also teaches at the Art Academy Leiden.
Her work is based on a fascination for the world of the microscope and the telescope. There is a basic form of language that can be found throughout, from the smallest quantum particle to the farthest fringes of the universe. She finds it interesting to those existing, but hidden world for us to (re) create and move into the visible reality visually.

During her search for these (organic) form language used regularly as a landscape or sea backdrop for an imaginary form, then there arises a deliberately alienating effect. Heleen is always looking for a quiet, almost tranquil atmosphere, which also refers to spatiality. In her work she forms with each contrast. Two forms often respond to each other. This produces a tension that continues to intrigue her.